Mystical Creations


Handcrafted Pendulums Gemstone Properties




Amethyst                    Violet

Enhances right-brain activity, intuition, spirituality, calming and healing


Blue Lace Agate        Blue/White

Compels truth, promotes happiness, intelligence, prosperity and good health


Citrine                         Amber

Generates intuition, clears thoughts, controls emotions


Clear Quartz               Clear

Stimulates brain activity, alignment with higher (spiritual) self, balances emotional and mental clarity, receives/activates/transmits and amplifies energy


Fluorite           Clear/Green/Purple

Multidimensional stone; balances and integrates lower (human) self with higher (spiritual) self, aids meditation and inter-dimensional communication.


Lapis Lazuli                Blue/Gold

Opens and clarifies inner vision and chakras, enhances intuition, communication and creativity


Obsidian                     Black/Snowflake

Powerful “teacher” stone; teaches truth of oneself, depicts contracts of life: day/night, truth/error, good/evil


Rose Quartz               Pink

Clears emotions, reduces stress, enhances self confidence, creativity, compassion and divine love



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