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~ Introduction ~

Websters Dictionary states that Divining is "to perceive intuitively". A tool is "an instrument used or worked by the hand". Divining Tools, which include Pendulums and Dowsing Rods (aka: Divining Rods or Witches Stick) have been used since ancient times for fortune telling and searching for water, minerals, even lost artifacts.

Many believe both the Pendulum and Dowsing Rods work through energy sent through the body to the hand directly from the subconscious. Just as you don't to need consciously breathe, blink or make your heartbeat, you can ask your subconscious to answer your questions, make decisions, find lost articles. With practice, you can locate energy fields such as water, minerals, even the human aura!

Divining Tools have been studied scientifically throughout the years. While there is debate attempting to explain why or how they work, science has consistently proven that Divining Tools do work. Dowsers are hired (as consultants) around the world by major corporations to find water, oil and underground pipes.

A pendulum can be used in many ways for a variety of purposes. It can be held over maps (to locate specific places), over charts (for broad spectrum answers), food (to determine nutritional value) or for predictions and personal evaluations. The pendulum is not however, infallible and should not replace reason and common sense. It is a tool for inner communication and with practice and patience you will develop greater reliability with its use and interpretation. Using a pendulum is an easy way to tap a large percentage of the brain with which you may be out of touch.

Pendulum Demo.jpg (28891 bytes)~ Instructions ~            

For optimal efficiency, sit in a chair, in an erect position at a table, feet firmly planted on the floor. Hold a Mystical Creations Pendulum by the top beads between your thumb and fingers, do not touch the sterling silver chain and allow crystal point to dangle freely but as still as possible. The first time you use a pendulum you can either direct it to use a standard response pattern or allow your subconscious to determine its own response pattern. Both are described below, choose which before you begin and do not to change its response pattern later.

To use a standard pendulum response pattern, make the pendulum crystal rotate in a small circular pattern. Now tell yourself a vertical (North/South) swing is a positive (Yes) response, wait and allow the pendulum to swing vertically naturally. Now tell yourself a horizontal (East/West) swing is a negative (No) response, wait and allow the pendulum to swing horizontally. Now tell yourself a circular swing is you "Do not know" or are "Not ready to know", again wait and allow the pendulum to swing in a circular pattern. Your subconscious now knows how to respond to any yes/no question.

To allow the subconscious to choose the pendulums pattern, hold the pendulum top bead between your thumb and fingers and the crystal point dangling freely but as still as possible. Now ask the pendulum to give a positive (Yes) response and wait for the pendulums movement. You may need to be very patient as this may take some time. Note the direction of the "Yes" response and then ask for a negative (No) response and again wait for movement. Note the direction of the "No" response and now ask for a "Do not know" or "Not ready to know" response and again, wait for the response and note the pendulums direction.

Now that you know how your intuition will respond to an inquiry using a pendulum, word your questions specifically, carefully and in a closed ended (Yes/No) format. State a period of time if appropriate and try not to be emotional. Emotions can cause the conscious mind to override the subconscious (intuitive) mind. The type of question is limited only to your imagination. Chart grids can also be used with a pendulum, which can greatly expand the type and format of questions you ask.

Mystical Creations custom handcrafts pendulums of genuine gemstones, crystals and sterling silver. The gemstones have been selected for their unique properties of energy and powers. Do not allow others to use your pendulum often, as it will attune itself to your energy. Clean your pendulum of negative energy by placing in a window with direct sunlight for several hours. The sterling silver chain can be cleaned with a soft polishing cloth and keep your pendulum in a pouch when not in use.

To view pictures of the variety of Mystical Creations Pendulums offered for sale, click on the thumbnails of pendulums on their display card above.  For more information on the gemstones and crystals hand selected for Mystical Creations Pendulums, click on the link above titled,  "Pendulum Gemstone Properties".

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